Look back at 150 Years of Masonic Memories

Built on a foundation of memories

Masonic Homes of Kentucky is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017 – a remarkable milestone that brings with it a year-long celebration of heritage, hope and home. Along the way, we will honor key contributors to the Masonic Homes' legacy of caring for our community – the very first Masonic Home – as well as look forward to a bright future of many more years of compassion and care.

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Masonic Moments

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  • Summer 1866

    The Civil War leaves hundreds of widows and orphans. Kentucky Masons envision a Masonic Widows and Orphans Home and Infirmary in Louisville.

  • Masonic Homes Property, 1866
  • Summer 1867

    Charter and incorporation documents for proposed home are finalized.

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